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The Oracle-X Concept

Oracle-X was born from a desire to own an expandable customisable oracle deck that was free of a specific 'theme'. After many years of desire, it became clear that since nothing suitable existed, then we will need to design and create something to fill the gap.

As Oracle-X was being conceived, we undertook careful market research to understand what everyday people thought of Oracle decks in general. There was an amazing amount of synergy in regard to common 'complaints' and 'grumbles' about the current market offerings. Much of this feedback was incorporated into the Oracle-X development period.

Our designer, David, incorporated over 30 years of his own experience into the overall concept and high level design. He wanted an Oracle deck that would be non-prescriptive, yet suitable for beginners and the experienced alike and acceptable to both left and right brained thinkers. He was not finished there, as in a departure from conventional oracle decks, he wanted every base deck to be totally unique when purchased. Owning such a unique deck will assist the owner in making that special bond between themselves and their deck and to feel that personal connection with it. For Oracle-X is truly a tool that can grow and change in conjunction with its owner and allow them to be able to link into their intuition.

The Oracle-X cards, with their images, keywords, and suggested theme/purposes, assist to allow yourself to link deep into your subconscious to awaken your inner intuition. With a little practise this will become as easy as ABC, and once learnt, never forgotten. You will gradually feel a growing and deeper inner understanding, an awareness that brings forth a different aspect when considering the daily grind of life. The more you use Oracle-X the more you will 'tune in' with your intuition.

Oracle-X The Artwork

The artwork is the end result of a ping-pong process between our concept designer, David, and our primary artist, Moon Willow. Ideas flowed backwards and forwards between their creative minds until the point that both were united in agreement that they had unlocked the correct image for a particular card.

With both individuals being Sagittarian, the deck can feel quite direct at times. Some images have been left deliberately simple, others are more complex and others again hold some deeper hidden 'aspects'.

Other artists are involved in the project, and as 'Series 2' cards become available, a greater mix of contributions from other artists will be more visible.