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Each new Oracle-X base deck is unique, it contains a combination of cards not to be found in any other unopened new deck. No two identical base decks have been or will be created.

Oracle-X has been designed from the onset to be both customisable and expandable. This allows you, as the owner of your deck, to shape it exactly the way your intuition is guiding you.

Visit the shop to purchase base decks and expansion cards.

The Concept

Oracle-X was born from a desire to own an expandable customisable oracle deck that was free of a specific 'theme'. After many years of desire, it became clear that since nothing suitable existed, then we will need to design and create something to fill the gap.

As Oracle-X was being conceived, we undertook careful market research to understand what everyday people thought of Oracle decks in general. There was an amazing amount of synergy in regard to common 'complaints' and 'grumbles' about the current market offerings. Much of this feedback was incorporated into the Oracle-X development period.