Oracle-X FAQ

Please note that there are more FAQs within 'How To'.

Why should I use Oracle-X in preference to any other oracle card(s) deck I own?

There is no 'should' here, follow your instinct and where you feel Oracle-X is going to give your reading 'value-add' then you have your answer.

One virtue of Oracle-X which sets it apart is the fact that it is highly customisable and expandable, with the potential to make it the perfect deck for you.

I am a logical scientific individual, I do not believe in the existence of psychics, mediums, etc. - will oracle-x work for me?

The Oracle-X tool works in conjunction with a users own intuition regardless of label. The tool is suitable for both left and right brained people, being designed to mould itself into the way that you think and how you use and interpret your intuition. No belief in anything except your intuition is required.

I do not wish to know about the future as I am quite happy living one day at a time – so why would i use oracle-x?

As an intuitive tool, Oracle-X tool works on many levels. The predictive and divinatory aspects of the tool do not have to be used. Indeed using the tool to focus one's intuition on the various day to day issues of life and its associated problems, is extremely useful. Sometimes even the most logical thinkers amongst us, get dragged down into the 'weeds'. Oracle-X can assist in facing those issues that we rather hide away in the back of our minds, bringing them into focus in order to resolve them.

One reviewer stated ".... Oracle-X is proving to be most accurate, backing up my natural intuitions, sometimes quite astoundingly forceful in its message, almost shouting out at me about things I'm trying to ignore or situations that I am pretending are another way ... when deep down, tucked away in my awareness the truth is waiting for me to accept it , whether i like it or not ....." She continued "Oracle-X is direct and straight to the point with its response, informing me of truths i would rather hide away from. The pack has an honesty that informs and never seems to dodge the facts of any given question, exactly what my wild and far-fetched imagination needs, to put things in perspective and to keep my flights of fancy in line. I am so pleased at how Oracle-X is working for me, it will be a lifelong friend."

Is Oracle-X a Tarot based system?

Whilst Tarot is an Oracle, an Oracle is not a Tarot.

Both are tools of divination, Tarot is steeped in history, tradition, symbolism and is formalised, overall Piscean in nature. Oracle decks are Aquarian in nature, literally not following the pack, and being devoid of tradition, set rules etc.

Oracle-X is designed to facilitate the opening up of the inner instinct allowing users to develop hitherto hidden or underused skills.

Do I need to add further cards to my Oracle-X deck?

No, the base deck is perfectly adequate for you to conduct most types of readings. Expanding your unique deck is an optional activity and therefore totally down to you.

Does the base deck always contain the identical combination of cards?

100% no! An intentional feature of Oracle-X was to ensure that there will never be any base decks sold containing the identical combination of cards. All base decks will contain the 'core' cards, which are the 30 cards numbered 101 to 130, and 6 cards (of the 36 provided) are variable from any of the remaining available cards (this could be from any series).

Each base deck contains an insert which lists all keywords required for the 'core' cards (101 – 130) and 24 additional cards outside of that core. Cards listed, that are not included in your base deck may, if required, be purchased as single cards.

Does that mean my deck is unique?

Absolutely, your base deck as purchased is 100% unique. Of course you will have to bear in mind, that since all cards are available to extend ones personal deck, buying patterns will inevitably mean some decks will become the same. As an example, folks who choose to purchase the complete 'series one' range, will have the same 54 cards. However as further ranges become available, individual decks should deviate towards individuality once again. The main point is that your original base deck was purchased as a unique deck.

Naturally any customisation in the form of additional personal keywords will in all probability keep your tool unique.

How many cards are to be published?

The various cards of Oracle-X have been designed to work together from conception. A 'master list' has been created thus ensuring the high level view is fully consistent with the necessary inter card relationships. If we had attempted to do this 'piecemeal' we would not have achieved the sense of 'belonging', instead ending up with a fragmented approach.

With this in mind, Oracle-X will be regularly publishing new cards from its 'master list'. Individual cards are organised into 'series' which can be easily identified [first digit of the card number]. As more base decks are sold, more cards from the master list will be released. This is designed to be an evolving process, rather than a mad dash to publish the complete set.

Once completed this will be one of the most comprehensive card based tools on the global market.

Importantly, Oracle-X is at its heart a flexible intuitive tool allowing you to customise your deck, and size of that deck, to your heart's content. Saying this, we do not suggest you attempt to acquire every single one.

We have no planned rarity element, so you do not need to rush to buy any new cards as they appear. It is intended that once published, any given card will be continuously available (at least via our website).

Over time, and taking into account supply and demand, the total number awaiting sale or in circulation may vary for each card. It is only natural that some cards will be more popular than others introducing an unplanned rarity element.

How do I know which cards are available?

The first series of initial add-on [single] cards will be available immediately alongside the base deck. More will be published as sales of the base deck increase (after all, you need the base deck on which to build).

Please visit the store on this site to view the available range. Alternatively, your local retailer may also stock many of the available cards (stockists are listed elsewhere on this website). Single cards are sold in poly-grip bags with the card front side visible to all buyers at your local retailer. The website will display thumbnail images of all card fronts.

For the future it is planned that a number of 'Themed' packs will be available allowing Oracle-X fans to buy a set of cards connected by a common theme/purpose, for example 'Time', or 'Nature'.

Once the critical mass has been reached, an Oracle-X guidebook will be published illustrating each series of cards.

Why would I want to purchase a themed add-on?

If we take for example, the 'Time' themed pack, this provides users whose intuition does not normally give useable 'timeframes', to be able to add one or more time related cards to their base deck to help unlock that 'feel' for the time element. This is optional, and entirely up to how you wish to grow your unique deck.

It should be mentioned that Oracle-X 'Time' cards have other meanings beyond the pure time aspect.

Cards that have a primary purpose around time, display a yellow grid. Those that have a secondary theme/purpose around time display 1 or more yellow 'runes' which indicate the strength of that element.

If I wished to purchase all cards in bulk would this be possible?

If sufficient demand arises, then an option to buy a complete series via this website might be made available. Outside of this, and until that time, complete sets would need to be collected from individual sets and cards. For web sales, there is a sliding discount scale for those who wish to buy larger numbers of single cards.

Most customised decks are expected to consist of the base starter deck, one or two themed add-ons and a handful of single cards. It is not the quantity of cards that give quality to the reading rather it is the intuition introduced within their interpretation.

All published cards will be republished regularly to ensure a plentiful supply in circulation.

Will Oracle-X cards work together in any combination?

Yes, although we would recommend that the minimum number of cards you consider using is 30 which should include at least 25 cards from the base starter deck (cards numbered between 101 and 130 (inclusive)). However, as this is your deck you should follow your intuition in this respect.

Turning to the maximum number of cards one should use, this should be whatever you feel comfortable with. The size of an Oracle-X card is such that even 100 cards will be reasonably easy to shuffle. If you are going to create a 'super deck' of 250+ cards, we suggest that you consider dividing the deck and shuffling in two or more lots.

Obviously, the greater the number of cards in the deck, the greater the potential resolution detail can become.

Which spreads are recommended to use with Oracle-X?

Most existing spreads can be used, or adapted to use with Oracle-X cards. The Oracle-X guidebook when published will describe a range of spreads. What works for you is generally the best to use; again your intuition will assist with the choice. Alternatively some additional spreads can be found on this website.

What if I interpret an Oracle-X card differently to that suggested?

Not a problem, interpretation of a card is non-prescriptive; just follow your inner self. See 'Questions & Answers – Usage' for more information.

What happens if I lose or damage a card?

Any lost card can be easily replaced. Go to the webstore where you can purchase a replacement for any lost or damaged individual cards.

How do I find retail outlets for Oracle-X products?

Just follow this link.

As Oracle-X grows in popularity, it is expected to be stocked by all leading new age outlets throughout the UK, Eire, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

In India Oracle-X goes under the name Bhavishya-X.

What happens if I've lost the insert (leaflet) that is provided with the box?

You can download a new one here, to get the correct leaflet you need to look at the reverse of the Oracle-X deck box.

If your deck box states Copyright 2010, you need the following version:

If your deck box states Copyright 2010/2012, you need the following version:

You will need Adobe Reader to view or print the files.
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When I purchase expansion cards, I have noticed that sometimes the amber hue on the card reverse is a slightly different shade. Does this impact my readings?

No, due to the printing process, the amber hue on the reverse of the cards can be a tad lighter or darker that your base deck, or other additional cards. This has no impact upon your reading, as you collect more cards, the varying hues will soon become unnoticeable. In cases where the reverse of a single card appears to stand out, it will only do so whilst you think about it.

Is Oracle-X suitable for children?

Yes, Oracle-X is very suitable for children. The base deck contains no images or keywords that could cause issue. If we had to give a guideline age then we suggest around 10 years, but this does depend on the child. We have a growing number of Oracle-X owners under the age of 16, all of whom have the full support of their parents. Children are rapid learners, and learning to both access and trust their intuition, helps them to become less reliant upon others, to increase their overall confidence, and ability to make decisions. It also provides them with a tool that they can grow with into adult life and beyond.

Where do I find a keyword guide for Cards 225 to 246?

You can download one here:

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Where do I find a keyword guide for Cards 247 to 316?

You can download one here:

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